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Meet Mistee

I have been in the culinary world for over 20 years.  Bringing joy to people's lives has always been one of the key motivations that ignite undying determination.  Cooking is the best way I know to deliver that joy.  


Being a chef is a platform for me to showcase my creativity. To me, a chef isn't just about cooking but finding the balance between palates, ingredients, and presentation. Each plate is like a blank canvas that allows me to create yet another masterpiece—because of that, maintaining positive relationships and consistent communication with all my customers is essential.  After all, I see them as my extended family, and I'd prepare each request with gratitude for their trust in me. 


"Life is a journey so enjoy the ride and embrace the unexpected challenges with gratitude."  -Mistee


my dynamic special 4ce aka my All & Inspiration

I specialize in international cuisine, and to date, I continue exploring cuisines yet to be discovered. My culinary skills and what I can deliver are boundless.  No words can describe the excitement when I see my concepts come to life. It's magical!  


When I am not cooking, you can find me spending time with my five children:  Billy the Mr. D(eterminded), Ryan the Beat Master, Katey the Queen Almighty, Antoinette the Unbreakable, and Ethaniel the Drama King.  I've raised them on my own, and they are my loyal sensory panelists!  


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