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Sopung($18 per person)

Kim bop-Korean sushi rolls  with Veggies or Meat

Jeon-savory Korean Panake (Kimchi, Scallion or Meat)

Banchan-arrays of Side Dish of Chef's choice

Fruit-Seasonal Fruit as Korean Tradition as Dessert

Luch Box($15 per person)

freshly made and presented in Box

Sandwich-fresh made (with Turkey BLT, Grilled Veggie or Ham & Brie)

Sides-all made from scratch (Pasta, Potato or Cole Slaw)

Dessert-all made from scratch (Fudge Brownie or Double Chocolate Chip Cookie)

Grill Master(Inquire for Price)(

-Korean BBQ (made from scratch Korean BBQ sauce)

Galbi (thin Beef Short Rib) or Bulgogi (Sirloin strips)

Daeji Bokkum (spicy BBQ with Pork Belly)   

-Homemade Sausage (made from scratch Fresh sausage)

Jalapeno Cheddar, Boudin, Habanero Mango, or Sun-dried Tomato 

-Gourmet Burger

Buffalo Chicken-ground Chicken Patty with homebound Buffalo spice

Blue Me Away-ground Beef Patty with tangy Blue Cheese Crumbles

Gobble Gobble-ground Turkey Patty infused with fresh Sage


for Lil grown Children's Meal that is Ready to Heat & Serve

*Menu will rotate Weekly or Customize 



offer Class that is suitable for all ages and Hands on Experience

Please inquire and we will customize for you   



*We can accommodate any Allergies or Special Dietary Needs 

This Specials will run thru till end of June

3 day minimum notice requested & 1 week for Larger group 

We Cater for all Occasion: Brunch, Tea Party, Dim Sum Party and much more!    

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