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Image by Gil Ndjouwou

All meals are made from scratch with the finest ingredients. We also accommodate allergies and special dietary needs. 

Lunch is suitable for individual meals, while Dinner serves 4.  Serving sizes are adjustable.  We can customize your order with advance notice. 

The weekly menu goes out every Monday, and all orders must be submitted and paid in full by 10 pm Thursday.  


Below is our weekly menu for the week of Nov 6: 

Image by Augustine Fou



made from scratch savory Green Posole with Pork,

Served with Radish, Tortilla, and Cabbage

Quart: $28           Cup: $15


-Harvest Sammie

lil prelude to Thanksgiving…slow roasted Turkey on Sourdough,

Topped with homemade Cornbread Stuffing and Cranberry aioli ($14)


-Shrimp Toast

fried crispy Tofu skin stuffed with homemade Shrimp Pate,

Served with tangy Sweet Chili sauce ($15)


-Nutty Bowl

twice cooked crispy Brussels and roasted Chestnut on mixed Greens & Radicchio,

along Parsnip, Shallots and Pomegranate Vinaigrette ($14)



-Lasagna FlorentineLasagna layered with Spinach Ricotta along Sun-dried Tomato, and Sausage,

Doused with creamy Bachmel, and also served with Garlic Toasts ($52)


-Turkey Casserole

lean cubed Turkey tossed with roasted Chestnut Cornbread stuffing 

along Pomegranate glaze, Topped with crips Onion strings ($54)



Argentina Stuffed Flank Steak with homemade Chimichurri, hard boiled Egg, and Bell Peppers,

Served with China (Cheese Balls) and grilled Potatoes ($58)


-Chicken Fried Steak

homeblend battered crisp Chicken Breast smothered with White Pepper Gravy,

Served with braised Black Eye Peas and Collard Greens ($54)

Our Team offers delivery, starting at $10 and up depending on your location. 

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