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All meals are made from scratch with the finest ingredients. We also accommodate allergies and special dietary needs. 

Lunch is suitable for individual meals, while Dinner serves 4.  Serving sizes are adjustable.  We can customize your order with advance notice. 

The weekly menu goes out every Monday, and all orders must be submitted and paid in full by 10 pm Thursday.


Click 'Order Online' to review our current menu, as well as order, and pay. Thank you! 

Orders are delivered Sunday.

Below is our weekly sample menu: 



-Ham and Bean soup

Made from scratch smokey Ham Broth soup, with Navy Beans.

Served with homemade biscuits  

Small: $13               Large: $23


-Korean BBQ Sammies

Slow braised boneless short ribs doused with a homemade Korean BBQ glaze, topped with Kimchi slaw and smothered with Gochujang aioli. ($16)


-Power Cobb 

Savory Farro on a bed of fresh Power Greens with tangy Pomegranate Relish along with roasted veggies and toasted sunflower seeds. ($13) 


-Chicken Parm Croquette Patty

Scratch made ground chicken with creamy Parm Mash baked to a crisp, topped with a tangy tomato relish. ($14)

*Can be modified*




Slow cooked Korean Short Rib stew, made with Jujubes, Ginko, and Chestnuts. Served with Rice, Kimchi, and Banchan. ($60) 


-PiQue Lorraine

Quiche Pizza made from scratch, deep dish pizza pie, filled with creamy Mac sauce, freshly beaten eggs, ham and loaded with cheese. ($52)



A hearty slow cooked rustic Italian tomato dish, with chicken, mushrooms, and peppers. Served with Rigatoni and Garlic Bread. ($54)


-Turkey Pot Pie

A buttery flaky made from scratch pie dough, filled with freshly roasted turkey, carrots, peas, and onions. Smothered with cream sauce, and served with a salad. ($52)

*Can be modified*

Our Team offers delivery, starting at $10 and up depending on your location. 

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Meal Samples
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